Snakes N the Leader

Snake and the leader tells about two elementary school children who live in the jungle of Sumatra.
They always walk together to school. But this time they want to race to show who is the fastest way to school.
In addition to the race, they also have to fight the enemy in a way a rock paper scissors.
Who will win this race?

– Race : Race with your friends by roll the dice!
– Fight : Fight against wild enemy, such worm, snake, crocodile, or bear. If you are same position against your friend, it will trigger rival battle!
– Level Up : By defeating enemy, you will gain experience and level up!
– Multiplayer : Play with your friends as Umar or Meutia



Right now this game has been unpublished from Google Play, but you can still find the .apk if you search it in internet 🙂

Developer Note

This game is the first time we learn to use a game engine that still used by us until now which is Unity. This game also is the first time we learn to publishing game in Android platform using Google Play Store. There’s some lesson that we learn from this game, like how to make game into some of resolution for Android smartphone, and also we learn that a game not just only publish in Google Play, but it need marketing too so the game will be found by people.