Sky Duar Duar

This game is the –other version– or improved version of “Sky Duar”,
In this game, you’re using one plane, that you can control with your smartphone.
The aim of this game is to get highest score as possible.
It has 3 kinds of enemies, the blue one, the red one, and the yellow one.
The blue one is the plane that didn’t do nothing
The red one is one of the special, it cant shoot you. So be careful with this one
The yellow one, the one that you need. It gives you more time, So, if you see this plane, make sure to shoot it before it’s gone.
That’s it. Good Luck!



Right now this game has been unpublished from Google Play, but you can still find the .apk if you search it in internet 🙂

Developer Note

The main objective of this game created is learn how to monetize game with advertising. That’s why this game is very simple (only 3 days to develop) but with optional advertising in the end of the game. This game also helped by Orange  The lesson we learned from this game is advertising need mass player to get the money from advertiser services.