Padoru : Sing with Nero!

“Hashire Sori yo”
“Kaze no You ni”
“Tsukimihara wo”

Padoru is a series of image macros and remix video featuring a Christmas carol scene in the Japanese Playstation Portable role-playing game Fate series.
In that game, the character Nero Claudius (Red Saber) sings a Japanese parody of the Christmas carol “Jingle Bells” during a short sequence in the game, ending with Claudius loudly yelling the lyrics “padoru padoru!”.
On August 31st, 2016, YouTuber uploaded a video looping the FGO (Fate / Grand Order) scene for one hour. (


This apps has been suspended by Google Play lmao, but you can still download it here.

Developer Note

Err actually, this is app not a game because there is not a thing that defining between win and lose. So this app is made because we want to learn about SEO in Google Play, which is always makes us trouble for all our games that published in Google Play. So we made this app in 4 hours, and then BOOM! this app goes viral and reach 100k install base because the SEO is very good which is if people search FGO then this app found after the FGO. Unfortunately, this app right now is suspended in Google Play because copyright reason lol.