My Nightmare is Zombie Apocalypse

My Nightmare is Zombie Apocalypse (Nightmare) is AI Game Studio’s first 3d FPS Game made with DarkBASIC Pro Game Engine. Nightmare is an FPS shoot’em all zombie game with you play as a Highschooler who had nightmare about zombie apocalypse.

Your weapon had infinity magazine so don’t worry about your ammo.
If you survived long enough you will meet the special zombie!
The game will end only if you are dead.
So create the biggest highscore you can get and unlock all available maps!



Developer Note

This is our first game. If you seen the screenshot you will realize that this game is made with budget as minimum as posible and also with very little experience lol. But with this game we learn lot, especially how to develop a game. One lesson that we learn how to use game engine called Dark BASIC Pro, but unfortunately we had trouble using this engine which is we can’t make the game run optimal so the FPS always not stable. The other lesson is we learn how to deal with 3D animation, world, and space and how to publishing game in IndieDB.