Lovetudinal : Puzzle Game about Dreams & Distance

Lovetudinal is a short story about two people who have dreams but are separated by distance.
Made into unique game puzzle, this game will give you impression like you’re sending text to someone you love.
Will the text reach her?

Tribute to Mandala Flight 91 incident, 5 September 2005 in Polonia Medan Airport
Made for Global Game Jam 2017 by GBTan & Ai Game Studio

– Play across 4 maps with deep story every map
– Listen music from famous classical piece, Gymnopedie no 1


  • Winner of Dicoding DBS Live More Society: Developer Challenge
  • Winner of Indonesia Next Apps 4.0 – Tizen Smartphone Challenge



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Developer Note

Just like the description, this game is made for Global Game Jam 2017, which means that this game is developed in 3 days. This game is created because we want to learn and develop for Tizen market. We learn that best Unity version to publish in Tizen is Unity 5.4.5p1 because that version is the most bug free for Tizen and support up to Tizen Z1. Also, we learn that Tizen market mainly in India using Tizen Z1.