Dadufall : Dice Party Board Game with your Friends!

Ready to go back to school? Join Umar, Gie, Meutia, and Sartika as they race their way to their only school in the village, which is very far and full of obstacle!

Dadufall is a educational and innovative board game similar to snakes & ladders, ludo, yahtzee, or monopoly where you have to help some Indonesian kids to arrive to school as quickly as possible, while overcoming various obstacle along the way. Throw dice, draw the ‘chances’ (card), battle your rivals, and defeat ‘the boss’ to finally get to school!


*) Play across 8 maps with unique atmosphere and difficulty
*) Use 10 different chances to win back the competition
*) Play as 6 different characters with special ability unique to each other
*) Save your game so you can start playing from where you left off
*) Play local multiplayer with your friends up to 4 players.

Awards & Articles

  • Winner of Dicoding DBS Live More Society: Developer Challenge 2
  • Winner of Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest 11
  • 3rd Gamedev Cateogry in Gemastik 9
  • Best Booth ITToday 2016
  • : Top Underrated Board Games*



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Privacy Policy

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Developer Note

This game is our first time creating an ambitious game for Gemastik 9, which is developed back in Februari 2016 until October 2018. This game also really influence us on learning how to designing a game, and we learn that this game is really popular in Tizen devices which is mainly in India because this game looks like Yahtzee. Even though the game is fun and really well polished, but we had trouble in marketing this game in Google Play Store and we learn that the game is lack in game design which is the core mechanic.

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